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e live in a very unsecure world. NSA snooping on all of our communications; the new Affordable Care Act exchanges collecting data that is managed by Navigators with little to no training or background checks; credit cards with smart chips that can be read with a Radio-Frequency Identity Tag (RFID) reader. Are you willing to bet your life and assets on the security of your identity?

66% of consumers who have had fraudulent charges were the first to notice them – not their financial institution, according to a 2012 CreditDonkey.com survey.

Identity Theft Can be Devastating! Avoid the Repurcusions Get Your Copy of Identiity Theft: Recovery is Possible, TODAY!

Security and Recovery is Possible

ID theft

Scott A. Merritt (Scott) thought he was secure. He learned the hard way he was not. After $3.8+ million later, being arrested twice for crimes he didn’t commit and the loss of major business, he learned how to make sure his identity and credit were bulletproof. You too can ensure your identity is bulletproof with Scott’s new book, Identity Theft Do’s and Don’ts: What You Need to Know. Now What?

If you’ve already suffered an identity theft, Scott A. Merritt’s book will give you a step-by-step system to recover your identity, increase your credit score and then make it bulletproof; so you don’t suffer another nightmare.

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Scott Merritt understands the ins and outs of identity theft – and how to recover from it – unlike any other expert I’ve ever seen. He knows how to explain things in terms that even people with very little knowledge of financial issues can easily understand. By making complex issues comprehensible to the general public, Scott could potentially save a lot of people from going through the same nightmarish experience that he went through personally.

Mike V.

Scott has served my wife and I in assisting us to get a very good and affordable life insurance policy several years ago.  He worked extremely hard to research the market and found us a very affordable plan.

Scott’s determination and dedication to serving his clients is second to none.  We genuinely appreciate all he has done for us

Rich and Diana Wiehe

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